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Trucker E-Magazine

DAF submit its latest XF to TRUCKER test for the first time. The 480 proves economical. Read the full e-Magazine and results here!

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DAF Dealer Imperial Commercials Invest £5 million In New Location

Imperial Commercials, the largest DAF Dealer group in the UK and Europe, is investing £5 million into a new, purpose-built dealership in Gloucester.

DAF Trucks and Power Electrics support ‘ultra-clean’ HVO fuel at LoCITY

DAF Trucks is heading to the third LoCity Annual Conference and exhibition this week and is doing so powered by clean burning HVO fuel.

DAF Trucks At IAA Hanover 2018: Ready For The Future

That is the overall DAF theme at the IAA 2018, which will be held in Hanover, from 20 to 27 September.

New DAF XF vs DAF 3300 | Brian Weatherley Road Test

Brian Weatherley heads to Scotland to compare the classic DAF 3300 against the New XF 530. See what he discovers in this once in a lifetime road test.

What is the oldest DAF truck still in operation?

DAF is looking for the oldest truck still in operation. The search focuses on typical DAF vehicles from past decades that continue to run day-to-day.

Leading livestock haulier refreshes fleet with DAF New XF tractors

The family-owned firm of RW Stewart has taken six New XF 530 FTR tractor units in a planned fleet-refreshment programme.

Commercial Motor, Truck & Driver & Motor Transport | New DAF Range Test

Last month three journalists from Commercial Motor, Truck & Driver and Motor Transport got behind the wheel of three trucks from the New DAF range.

DAF New XF fleet shows immediate fuel bonus for Knights of Old

The Knights of Old fleet has been joined by 10 DAF New XF 530 FTG tractor units to enter service with the operator at its Kettering headquarters.

DAF supplies 6x2 rigid in support of Transport Association and Transaid

DAF is donating a New CF 370 rear-steer 26-tonne 6x2 rigid for use by Transport Association members in their support of industry charity, Transaid.

Neil Yates Recovery DAF XXF - The Dutch Dream

We take a look at Neil Yates' New DAF extended cab "XXF" as it gets featured in Truck & Driver Magazine.