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DAF Pledges Aftersales Support During Coronavirus Outbreak

DAF Trucks has pledged its full support for DAF Dealers and their customers in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

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DAF does the heavy lifting for Recovery North West

Wirral-based recovery and automotive logistics specialists Recovery North West has taken delivery of six new DAF vehicles.

How Eddie Hall went from DAF Technician to The World's Strongest Man

What sets Hall apart from his competitors is that he is the only man on the face of the earth to dead lift 500kg.

DAF Trucks virtual truck show attracts 700 entrants

DAF Trucks has selected three winners after its virtual truck show last Bank Holiday weekend attracted an impressive 700 entrants.

SCC churns out milk collection with new DAF XF 8x2 rigids

South Caernarfon Creameries (SCC) has just taken delivery of four new DAF trucks.

Another free cuppa for drivers; courtesy of DAF Trucks

Following its pledge to ‘put the kettle on’ for truck drivers, DAF Trucks is once again to offer a free cuppa for drivers at Truckstops across the UK

DAF Trucks releases day-in-the-life DAFaid video

DAF Trucks produces a documentary film portraying DAFaid vehicle repairs and showing first-hand the challenging work carried out by its Technicians.

DAF truck production resumes across Europe

DAF factories in Eindhoven (the Netherlands), in Westerlo (Belgium) and in Leyland (UK) have successfully restarted their operations.

Leyland Trucks triumphs with Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Leyland Trucks, the Lancashire-based manufacturer of DAF trucks for the UK has won the coveted Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2020.

DAF Trucks ‘puts the kettle on' for drivers

In a show of support for truck drivers, DAF Trucks is stumping up the cost of a cuppa for truck drivers at selected Truckstops across the UK.