DAF Trucks ‘Ready-to-Go’ at the Commercial Motor Show

3rd September 2020


- DAF sees spike in demand for pre-built portfolio of construction, waste and utility trucks

- Ready-to-Go: DAF LFs and CFs immediately available with leading bodybuilder equipment

- Home improvement market prompts increase in demand

- “Ready-to-Go provides the ultimate rapid response service for operators,” Marketing Manager, Phil Moon



Ready-to-Go - line-up


DAF Trucks’ Ready-to-Go programme, the market-leader’s stock portfolio of pre-bodied construction, waste and utility sector trucks, will receive special focus at the Commercial Motor Show. Ready-to-Go features a diverse selection of immediately available DAF LF and CF chassis equipped with bodywork from industry leading names including Hyva and Bevans.

With operators facing the challenges of an erratic, unpredictable economy, DAF Trucks has seen more and more truck operators requiring vehicles at short notice – particularly true of the UK’s home-improvement market where demand for materials has surged during coronavirus lockdown restrictions. As a result, DAF has experienced a spike in demand for LF Skiploaders with Hyva bodywork and LF Scaffold trucks with Bevans bodies.


Ready-to-Go - hook


The Ready-to-Go range also includes hook-loaders, tippers and mixers, with DAF Trucks again seeing a steady increase in demand for all these vehicle types. The rise in demand is also precipitated as operators ‘upgrade’ to Euro VI ahead of the introduction in March 2021 of Low Emission Zone standards in London for all commercial vehicles above 3.5-tonnes. Further afield, and despite plans for the introduction of Clean Air Zones (CAZs) in several UK cities having been thrown into doubt, DAF Trucks is seeing operators continue to upgrade their grades to the Euro VI emissions standard.

Key to the appeal of the DAF Ready-to-Go programme is immediate availability of the complete vehicle – often an urgent requirement for operators facing untenable VOR workshop repairs or confronted by fast-moving and unexpected contract demands.


Ready-to-Go - build


DAF Trucks works with the UK’s leading bodybuilders to ensure exacting specifications meet with a wide range of customer demands, from steel-bodied tippers, to skips, to hook-loaders, to mixers, and more besides – all supplied through the DAF Dealer network, cutting delivery from months to weeks or even days.

“Ready-to-Go provides the ultimate rapid response service for operators,” said DAF Trucks Marketing Manager, Phil Moon, “we understand the pressures that site contractors, for example, are under, and, that there is often a ‘standard’ vehicle specification that typically meets operators’ needs. What we can’t predict, however, is when they’ll need them – and that’s where our Ready-to-Go programme provides a genuine service. Available through our 134-point UK DAF Dealer network, operators can quickly access our Ready-to-Go portfolio, identify their ideal vehicle and then have it in service, often within days.”


Ready-to-Go - skip2



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