Got a question about DAF trucks? Ask DAF Driver Trainer, Mandy Wannerton.

9th January 2017

Got a question about AEBS or EcoMode? Wondering how to get the best out of your DAF truck? Now's your chance to get answers directly from DAF's Driver Trainer and Press Truck Demonstrator, Mandy Wannerton.

You may recognise Mandy from the Transport News DAF FTM Press Test, or her many DAF Product Familiarisation videos.

With over 33 years of industry experience, Mandy has driven in army, operated as an owner-operator, traveled across Africa, Europe and even driven across Texas.

Over the last 18 years of working with DAF Trucks, Mandy has helped countless hauliers get the best out of their DAF trucks. Now with the help of the DAF Blog, and social media Mandy is looking to answer your questions about DAF trucks and their features.

Leave your question in the comments below and the best questions will be selected to be answered by Mandy.

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Paul metcalfe

about 3 years ago

I've just bought a FAX CF 400 with a mixer body on which is on a mix of motorway and round town work . I worked at a DAF dealership for 14 years so would like to hope I have half a clue how to get the best out of the product but currently I can't get more than 60%
On the driver score

Paul Metcalfe

Gary stratfull

about 3 years ago

Hi Mandy, can you tell me if they are doing the DAF challenge again this year.

Jill ellis

about 3 years ago

Do your drivers go on cyclist awareness course?

John Macritchie

about 3 years ago

Hi Mandy can you supply videos,materials that could be used for training new drivers in the use of DAF trucks also could be used when inducting drivers when handing over new DAF trucks to current employees

Many Thanks
John Macritchie

Darren birkin T/A DJB Haulage

about 3 years ago

We need a bigger engine to keep up if the competition.we have the best cab we just need some grunt

Brian mitchell

about 3 years ago

Dear Amanda,I wonder if you can help me? My nine year old son loves daf trucks and would love a beany hat with daf on it,but we have looked everywhere for one but can't find one anywhere.My son has severe downs syndrome and it would make his world if he could have one or anything else to do with daf trucks.My address if you can help me is 1fair park close Launceston Cornwall pl15 9dn. Thank you


about 3 years ago

What is the sweep area of the radar in the front panel please.


about 3 years ago

When the "AEBS" operates does it give 100% braking force?


about 3 years ago

Hi Amanda
Can you advice when i put the digi card in i put the cross hammers on for walk round checks the drive get to my drop the tacho is on cross hamemers not the ignigtion off then it goes to break mode i have to reset it for x hammers can the be sorted to stay onx hammers till i need to to on break thanks william


about 2 years ago

Hi mandy , I am.proud of you firstly.I have a Daf 85 and for some reason I don't know its only giving 22 rpm.I have tried everything to have adjust values but to no help.Please can you help me.Thanks .