Petition - Help provide more UK truck stops to truck drivers

1st November 2016

A petition started by Karen Roberts last week, to provide truckers with better facilities and more truck stops across the UK has already gained over 1000 signatures from drivers, haulage companies and supporters.

A few months ago on the DAF Blog we did a run down of the top truck stops in the UK, as voted for by drivers. This showcased a number of great examples of a well-run truck stop, however not all drivers are so lucky, with many having to make do with unsuitable conditions.

The petition states:

"The Haulage Industry carries valuable cargo. The UK in general needs more dedicated Truck Stops with advanced facilities e.g. CCTV, shower blocks, healthy food outlets. Laybys have no facilities and are a last resort. Without HGV's our shops would be empty. Drivers deserve a safe secure resting place.

Already there is inadequate space for HGV's to park up on their rest times. With the volume of vehicles forever increasing on all roads across the UK, this situation will only get worse. Many HGV drivers experience theft of cargo and fuel, even at well-known Service Stations. Current services have not grown with the increase of freight on the road, and often have very poor and neglected facilities. Truck drivers are on the road for many days at a time, they deserve to have decent working facilities."

Get involved today by signing the petition here, and showing your support for drivers.

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