Our top 5 service stations in England

17th October 2017

Spending time out on the road is nothing new for a truck driver, but the importance of clean facilities, safe parking and a decent meal at the end of the day have become paramount for drivers who spend more time on the road than at home or in an office. So with this in mind, we have created a list of our top five favourite service stations across England, which we think are worth paying a visit next time you need to fill up, have a break, or park up for the end of the day. All the services below offer overnight parking, facilities and food.

First on our list is the new Gloucester Services station. With a dedicated parking area for truck drivers, free showering facilities and a £5 food voucher for truckers using the parking service overnight, Gloucester is a great choice of station when visiting or working in the South West of England.


Peterborough East is next on our list, boasting free showering facilities, a night-time security guard in place for driver safety and three hours of free parking – an extra hour longer than most UK service stations.


Tebay Service Station probably offers the most for those working on the road. A scenic duckpond and farm shop greets day visitors, while early bird takeaway services, a dedicated refrigerated trucks area and cheap overnight stay with free shower services makes for a memorable stay for truckers.


Reading East services also made our top five. Truckers filling up at Reading service station benefit from their ‘Food for Fuel’ scheme - saving money on your lunch. Overnight users will also be given a £10 food voucher for use inside the station, making those overnight fees a little more bearable – and tasty!


Last but certainly not least, we have Corley Services. Corley is an all-round great choice for a quick stopover or bite to eat, with brand new shower facilities and a 24hr Duty Manager on hand for any questions or problems you may be have. Although Corley may not be the most glamorous station on our list, its variety of food outlets and consistently clean facilities set the standard for other service stations.


We have shared just five of our favourite service stations from around England, but we have no doubt that there are many that we have missed. So, if you think that there is a service station which deserves recognition for their fantastic trucker facilities, let us know in the comments! 

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