Getting Married in Style in a New DAF XF

29th January 2018

Late last year a Turkish couple in Antwerp, Belgium tied the knot, and as is traditional for a Turkish wedding the groom, Emrah Yelboğa picked up his bride to be, Nusret Cetin from her family home. However Emrah, who is originally from the Yunak district of Konya, Turkey couldn't make his mind up on what car to pick up his beloved in.

After lots of consideration there was only one choice for the 24 year old truck driver and his future wife, a New DAF XF. 

"Because of my profession, we made the only decision like this. My wife liked it too. We decided together and we are happy” said Emrah on their decision to arrive at the ceremony in a DAF.

As you might expect, this gained a lot of attention from locals as the New DAF XF, decorated with hearts, ribbons, the Turkish flag, and even a picture of the couple on the back cab wall drove through Antwerp before arriving at the ceremony.


Although the truck wasn’t a hit with everyone, with some stating that they “did not like it”. However the bride was happy to support her husband’s profession and have a truly unique entrance to their wedding.

"We are happy together and I’m proud of my husband's profession, I did not see the need to hide it. We wanted to show it”

On behalf of DAF Trucks, we would like to say congratulations to the young couple, and thank you for letting us be a part of your special day. Stay proud, and keep on trucking!

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