Biggest Truckers on YouTube meet at DAF Social media event

25th February 2019

DAF Trucks UK had the privilege to meet some of the biggest names in the YouTube trucking community at the heart of the UK trucking industry, the Leyland DAF Factory. The YouTube trucking scene has been around for a while, with some of the oldest videos coming from the likes of Ned Kelly and Luke Vernon back in 2007.

Luke and Ned’s hard work in the early days didn’t go unnoticed, both garnered millions of views over the years and most importantly, both inspired a new generation of truckers to pick up their cameras and document their travels. Jump forward 10 years and the YouTube trucking community is thriving, with a number of truckers creating large followings for themselves and looking to take their platforms to bigger heights.

This is where DAF comes in. For a while here at DAF we had been noticing the buzz around a number of YouTubers in the trucking world. Their audience of thousands would sit watching 20 minutes to an hour long videos of their favourite drivers talking about their work and their lives, eagerly awaiting their newest video uploads.

We were extremely interested to meet these truck drivers and after reaching out we managed to gather Stavros969, Luke C in a HGV, Scott Andrews, KevTee, Luke Vernon, Martyn Jenkins, Stephen Patterson and Chris ball in one place. We started the day off in Leyland, the hometown of Leyland trucks, who were acquired by DAF in 1993. With Leyland’s deep trucking history, we knew this would be the perfect location to host our event. We started off with a look at the history of DAF with DAF UK’s Marketing Manager, Phil Moon. After the first presentation concluded we took the drivers on a factory trip hosted by Leyland’s own Mick who had been working at the factory for over 50 years.

Once the drivers got an understanding of DAF as a company, where we started and our aims for the future, we rounded everyone up to take part in a workshop with YouTube expert Kaal. Kaal has worked with many big names on YouTube and has helped them to grow their platforms. One of our main goals of the day was to provide this group of up and coming YouTube personalities with the knowledge and understanding of how to grow and develop their YouTube channels. The workshop lasted a few hours with lots of keen discussion and left everyone inspired to get to work on new video ideas. Towards the end of the workshop DAF sat down with the truckers to discuss ideas for future collaborative projects, so make sure to keep your eyes out for that!

We concluded the day with a visit to the British Commercial Vehicle Museum and then a trip over to Lancashire DAF, where the Truckers had a chance to drive the DAF XF 90th anniversary edition.

We want to thank all the YouTubers for coming to our event and be sure to check out their channels (linked above) for videos of the day!

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