DAF Trucks and Power Electrics support ‘ultra-clean’ HVO fuel at LoCITY

5th September 2018

DAF Trucks is heading to the third LoCity Annual Conference and exhibition this week and is doing so powered by clean burning HVO (Hydro-treated Vegetable Oil) fuel. The company’s state-of-the-art Showtrekker hospitality unit and New XF low-deck tractor combination heads to the Kempton Park Racecourse venue running on the new ultra-clean fuel product.

Joining DAF Trucks on its exhibition stand will be a New CF 480 ‘8x2 rear-steer drawbar on loan from national generator supplier Power Electrics – also travelling to LoCITY under HVO power.

HVO – an aromatic-free paraffinic diesel marketed as Green D by renewable fuels specialist, Green Biofuels – delivers up to a 90%, or greater, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions ‘from well-to-wheel’ compared to conventional diesel. Green Biofuels will also be represented on DAF Trucks’ stand at LoCITY.

Crucially for DAF operators, use of HVO and GTL (Gas-to-Liquid – another paraffinic fuel with the same clean burning properties but produced from natural gas) requires no vehicle modifications or changes to service intervals. DAF Trucks’ entire range of New LF, New CF and New XF is certified for use of both HVO and GTL fuels

Photography supplied by Jake William Self - Power Electrics.

DAF Trucks, Power Electrics, Green Biofuels – a partnership

Power Electrics, a leading supplier of power generators, is partnering Green Biofuels by promoting HVO which includes the supply of mobile fuel bowsers and bulk storage fuel-tanks. These self-contained transportable fuel storage tanks can enable operators keen to evaluate HVO alongside conventional diesel to do so with ease. DAF recently hosted a major customer ride & drive event at the Millbrook Proving Ground for its customers over a three week period. The entire DAF Range of vehicles were refuelled HVO from a 5000 litre unit delivered to the testing ground by Power Electrics.

Power Electrics is using HVO to power its generators at music festivals and other outdoor events where environmental protection is high on the agenda, as well as for its fleet of HGVs.

“HVO is going to see a step-change in how conventional diesel engines are fuelled,” said John Pullin, Director at Power Electrics, “we now market our generator products alongside the green credentials provided by HVO. We are using HVO in our DAF fleet, which totals 28 units, and includes specialist multi-axle configurations with cranes. When running on HVO we are achieving a 90% reduction in our carbon emissions as well as improving air quality; and we don’t have to worry about chassis packaging, vehicle range or any of the other complications associated with other alternative fuels.”

DAF New CF 8x2 drawbar at LoCITY

Power Electrics’ LoCITY exhibit features a new PM58523 52.9mt rear-mounted crane to facilitate off-loading generators and fuel bowsers from both the prime-mover and trailer. The flat-bed body and crane installation was manufactured by Central Hydraulic Loaders of Tamworth and was designed in partnership with DAF Trucks and Power Electrics. The DAF New CF with ‘FAX’ 8x2 axle configuration was supplied by DAF Dealer, Imperial Commercials in Bristol.

Successful long-term GTL trial at Brakes

DAF Trucks has also seen impressive results following an intensive nine-month trial with 50 New LF 230 fridge trucks fuelled with Shell GTL Fuel in service with Brakes, a leading supplier to the foodservice sector. The trial delivered significant air quality improvements including a 47% reduction in NOX emissions.

The company also reported quieter running and odour-free refuelling of the Shell GTL Fuel product at the pump. Importantly for Brakes’ urban operations, the use of Shell GTL Fuel meant the requirement for periodic static regeneration of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) was virtually eliminated, which also had a beneficial effect on fuel efficiency.

The Shell GTL Fuel was introduced in October 2017 at Brakes’ Premier Park operation in Park Royal, London. Figures obtained on the pilot programme were confirmed in independent, third-party tests by analysts at the Millbrook vehicle testing facility.

“Heavy-duty Euro VI-compliant diesel engines already emit very low levels of NOX and particulates,” said DAF Trucks Marketing Manager, Phil Moon, “and by operating on clean-burning HVO and GTL, combustion is more efficient, even cleaner, and emissions are further reduced. By using HVO, which is produced from renewable feedstocks, the net well-to-wheel carbon savings are very significant.

“Key for operators,” he said, “is that no vehicle mods are required. Both HVO and GTL can be distributed, stored and pumped using existing infrastructure and equipment. The price is marginally higher than regular diesel but with such significant environmental advantages there is a clear case for government to reduce duty on paraffinic fuels to encourage more use by operators.

“One of the main benefits of these fuels,” he added, “is that they are a true ‘drop in’ product which can be used interchangeably with regular diesel.

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