Five trucking YouTubers to watch in 2019

7th January 2019

The way truckers communicate has changed significantly over the years, from the classic CB radios to smartphones. Whether it is to discuss road conditions, trucking knowledge or just the football, truckers have always sought to communicate with one another.

With the rise of vlogging, a growing number of innovative truck drivers have taken to documenting their travels via YouTube, building up thousands of followers and millions of views. In a time where HGV drivers are in a deficit it is very exciting to see this community growing and reaching a wider audience.

In this article we will list the five trucking YouTubers that you need to watch in 2019:


Known for his enthusiastic personality Stavros is one of our favourite people to watch on YouTube. His expansive knowledge of trucks along with his high production value helps him create engaging, long form videos every week! His vehicles consist of in-depth vehicle reviews, festivals and event coverage, as well as videos documenting his life. Stavros is a keen auto enthusiast, not only will you get to see the best of the trucking world, but he often makes videos of his favourite cars and non-commercial vehicles as well. 

You can watch Stavros on Youtube.

Keep up to date with Stavros on his Instagram.

Luke C in a HGV

Luke has had major growth on his YouTube channel, last year alone he gained 8,000 new subscribers and had a total of 1.5 million video views. Luke stands out with his long-form videos with minimal editing, allowing him bring his audience along for the ride. Luke knows the UK roads like the back of his hand, frequently providing useful tips for drivers, he often talks about locations that truckers will pass whilst out on the road. It is evident his fans enjoy his content, so much so that Luke has his own merchandise range where fans can purchase anything from coffee mugs to hi-viz vests.

Make sure to watch Luke on Youtube.

Stay up to date with Luke on Facebook.

Browse Lukes website.

Luke Vernon

When Luke isn’t working hard driving goods around the country or updating he somehow still finds time to produce and upload trucking vlogs to his YouTube channel and manage his 20,000 strong social media following. It's safe to say Luke is a busy man who is very passionate about the trucking community. Luke keeps his audience up to date with where he is working, details of individual jobs and what is going on in his life.

You can follow Luke on:

Keep up with Luke's newest videos on Youtube.

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Check out Lukes photos on Instagram.

Follow Luke's blog over at

Trucker Jay In the UK

Self-described “Noob-Trucker”, Trucker Jay brings a fresh perspective to the trucking YouTube community, aiming to show other new/wannabe drivers the transport industry from the inside. Jay has racked up an impressive 4.5million views with his series “Trucker Jay in the UK” where he produces hour long episodes of his days at work. Jay's videos show him performing manoeuvres, talking about his work, as well as often letting the audience simply enjoy his journeys with unedited footage of him driving. We look forward to seeing Jay’s channel grow in 2019.

Watch Jay's newest videos on Youtube.

You can Follow Jay on Twitter.

Keep up to date with Jay on Facebook.

Trucker Jenko

After being inspired by the likes of Luke C in a HGV, Trucker Jay and Kev Tee. Trucker Jenko decided to start his own YouTube channel to share his experiences driving around the UK. The Welsh born trucker, real name Martyn, returned to the HGV industry after an 11 year hiatus Jenko has built a respectable following in a very short time. Trucker Jenko is definitely one to watch over the next year.

Keep up with Jenko on his Youtube channel.

Follow Jenko on Facebook.

Did we miss anyone out? Let us know in the comments.

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about 1 year ago

What about Trucker Bill if wasn’t for him then few of these wouldn’t have even known about

Junior Yates

about 1 year ago

Kevtee and Scott Andrews

Mike cornwall

about 1 year ago

Have a look at Truck Ned Kelly. He is hilarious, he does swear a bit and he does have the odd rant, but he is as funny as hell. Definately not PC, he travels with his 2 puppet mates, Moe and Billy Boy who are just as funny.. Highly interesting vlogs, especially when he is in Europe. He is my No 2 vlogger.

Martyn Jenkins

about 1 year ago

You forgot two other great Vloggers in Kev Tee & Scott Andrews if it wasn't for all these guys i would never have started to Vlog.


about 1 year ago

Ned KellyIreland he should be in that top better than some of them


about 1 year ago

Trucker Jay.
Now's there a liability on the roads. Seen one video of him abusing other road users.
Not the best really

Robert belford

about 1 year ago

Check out Irish trucker NED KELLY absolutely top bloke he use work abroad but more Ireland based now but has a great twist to his vlogs -a must see

Robert belford

about 1 year ago

Watch Irish trucker NED KELLY -great vlogs both fun & seious has a great twist to his vlogs with his unique companions in the cab

Michael jordan

about 1 year ago



about 1 year ago

Ned Kelly makes some top videos!


about 1 year ago

Me! And I drive a Daf!

Andy Trubridge

about 1 year ago

Scott Andrews and Kevtee


about 1 year ago

how is Ned Kelly and moe not on this list.....

Big Martin

about 1 year ago

Ned kelly is the top man giving an honest opinion of how thing are on the roads.Bring mo and billy boy back please.

Miriam Cocuzza

about 1 year ago

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mrs vykki murphy

10 months ago

What about Scott Andrews?? Most entertaining Vlogger on my watch list.