Is this the largest DAF miniature collection ever?

30th May 2019

Wout Kraakman has one of the most impressive collections of DAF miniatures we have ever seen. With around 300 miniatures and 160 individual DAF models ranging from all ages, his collection stands out as one of the largest private collections we’ve ever come across. So how did Wout’s collection begin?

Born in Alkmaar, Noord-Holland in the Netherlands, Wout has been collecting miniatures ever since he was 25 years old (now 52). Whilst working his job at a petrol station in-between his job as a truck driver. Occasionally large shipments of goods would arrive with a token of thanks from the salesman selling the stock and often times that token came in the form of a small truck model. As Wout carried on working as a truck driver he developed an admiration for DAF trucks, his first truck he ever drove was a DAF 2100 double clutch. He found the cabin to feel like a home as he was on the road traveling all around Europe.

"Truck driving and trucks are my life and there's one brand.....DAF" - Wout

Wout spent his late teens until the age of 35 driving from the UK to Germany, Italy to Spain, France to Austria and more the freedom Wout felt on the road in his DAF was what always kept him in love with trucking. Sadly, At the age of 40 Wout developed cerebral palsy which meant he could no longer drive. However, Wout has never let this effect his involvement in the trucking community. He remains a keen enthusiast online and most notably an avid miniature collector. 

Wout's 160 strong DAF miniature collection contains many relics, his oldest model is one DAF 2600 handmade miniature. His favourite model is one Corien Transport DAF he received as a gift from his wife. One day Wout hopes to get a hold of his dream model being the William de Zeeuw vehicle as well as the DAF wrecker in blue. When asked, Wout said he would imagine his collection to be worth a lot of money, however he wouldn’t sell them as that was not the point for him. For Wout his miniatures are the connection he keeps to the job he loves and the memories he made on the road. Click here for the full gallery.

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Bram Boudestein

about 2 years ago

I have read the article about the miniature DAF collection. Maybe my collection is larger. I have a collection of more than 400 DAF miniature models in different scales from 1:35 till 1:50.


about 2 years ago

Ik heb ruim 800 daf miniaturen in schaal 1:50 van Nederlandse transport bedrijven