Leyland Trucks celebrates 120 years of service with a special anniversary.

7th July 2016

For 120 years, British Leyland has produced trucks in the UK. From it's humble beginnings as the Lancashire Steam Motor Trading Company, to it's joining with DAF to become not only a market leading manufacturer, but also one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the UK.

Leyland Trucks has certainly had an interesting past, from building tanks for the British Military during World War II, to becoming a major player in the Northern British manufacturing industry. Having survived multiple economic crashes, Leyland Trucks has survived where many others have fallen, proving that no matter what, Britain will always build.

Join us as we take a trip through time, with 13 photos from each decade of Leyland's 120 years of service to the British Automotive Industry.

Leyland Trucks is now a proud member of the PACCAR family (alongside DAF Trucks, Kenworth, and Peterbilt) where at the same factory in Leyland, nearly 1000 engineers, designers, machinists and builders work to manufacture market leading right-hand-drive DAF Trucks for the UK.

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Leyland Trucks

about 5 years ago

Great to see our trucks through the years, and some of us can recognise a few of the local locations. Like us at www.facebook.com/LeylandTrucks to see what we are up to today. Also, did anyone spot the Carr's Flour Mills vehicle in the mix from the 60's? They were here last November to take delivery of the 400,000th truck to be produced at the Leyland Assembly Plant. http://www.leylandtrucksltd.co.uk/en-gb/news-and-media/news-archive/articles/engb/2015/q4/02-12-2015-leyland-builds-400000th-truck