Top 5 DAF Customisations Ever

5th September 2019

Over the years we’ve seen many impressive DAF customisations from around the world. Truck driver's ability to turn their truck into their own creation is incredible. When you’re living in a truck a majority of your working week - it is important that it feels like home... and many drivers have taken that principle to the extreme.

From Noah's Cabinterior B.V to Van Winkoop there are a number of companies that specialise in turning stock truck bodies into a custom truck perfect for the driver. Depending on the haulier many drivers are given freedom to modify their trucks to suit them, some drivers are given the freedom to do whatever they like with their truck both inside and out and some have to keep the outside on-brand but are allowed to go to town on the interior. From small trinkets in the window to grill guards on the front, from detailed painting of films on the cab to family heritage colours, it’s great to see the ways that drivers modify their trucks.

In this blog, we go through some of our favourite modifications we’ve ever seen.



Peter Hastings sent us this truck belonging to his family business, P2 Stainless. The build took 3 weeks and the paintwork 2 weeks, all in all, this is a relatively quick turn around. What started with a second hand in factory colour turned into this stunning custom for their work in Ireland. Most notable about the truck is the unique colour choice of a pearlescent blue, not a colour we've come across before and it really stands this DAF out from the rest.



Stephen Simpson sent us the famous DAF XXF for Neil Yates Recovery featuring the extended cab. For drivers who don't sleep in their cab but still spend a lot of time in their vehicle, the extended cab can be a great addition for them. The cab conversion was done in Holland by the famous Van win Koops and the interior was done also in Holland by Royal Class Interiors. All in all, this ambitious project took roughly 15 months. The Truck has won many “Best in Show” awards at truck festivals and features in many magazines also.



This sleek all-black DAF XF was customised by Exclusive Truckstyling BV and belongs to John Dillen. All the paintwork was provided by Spuiterij van Winkoop and LED Bars supplied by go-in-style. You'll notice the cab is riding very low to the ground also helps to create the sleek feel of the truck. This subtle but stylish cab is a perfect example of sometimes less is more. 


2. D.J.H Transport - DAF XF

The idea for D.J.H Transport’s DAF came from wanting to take all their favourite aspects of DAF’s past & present and put it into one. It has taken 7 years in total and owner David Hooker still has a lot more work he’d like to do on it, for many the enjoyment of doing up a DAF is the main thing for them. This is an impressive design, along with it’s simple red and white colour scheme, this DAF is definitely one of our favourites.



Here is another XXF this time in a standout radioactive green created by the very same Dutch body specialist Van Winkoop along with Jumbo-Fischer. Roland Graf's 'Flagship' DAF is a very impressive truck both inside and out with its incredibly detailed paintwork, down to is interior with matching green lighting, this is a seriously impressive looking DAF.



And finally, our honourable mention goes to the converted DAF Home. It didn’t quite fit our list as it is really a trailer conversion, but none the less the length people go to turn a DAF into their home is truly amazing. You can read all about their project here.


Have you seen a better DAF customisation out on the road?

Let us know in the comments below and we may feature it in a future article.

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