Where are DAF trucks made?

15th August 2017

Where are DAF trucks made?

A question we often get asked from drivers and truck enthusiasts is ‘Where are DAF trucks made?’

The answer can vary depending on a number of things, including the truck in question, where you are in the world and whether it’s right or left-hand drive.

DAF Trucks is a Dutch company, based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Here DAF has its headquarters and largest production facility with another production facility in Westerlo, Belgium. The majority of DAF vehicles sold in Europe will have parts sourced from across Europe and have been manufactured in Eindhoven, however here is where DAF Trucks Ltd., the UK subsidiary of DAF Trucks differs from the rest.

Unlike other manufacturers and subsidiaries, DAF Trucks UK has strong connections with manufacturing here in the UK. With PACCAR’s purchase of iconic British truck brand Leyland Trucks, Leyland DAF was formed and the Leyland factory began manufacturing trucks such as the 95 and 85. Today the Leyland DAF factory produces right-hand drive XF and CF models as well as all LF models.

So if you drive a DAF LF or a right-hand drive XF and CF, the chances are it was manufactured right here in the UK at the Leyland factory, and if you drive and left-hand drive DAF XF or CF it would have been built in Eindhoven. Simple!

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What the Leyland DAF factory in action here: 

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Jason hadley

about 3 years ago

Great but why can't we have the name Leyland on the trucks


about 3 years ago

because Britain doe not own any truck manufacturer, in fact we own nothing it is all foreign.

Chris Clark

about 2 years ago

Because the parent company, Paccar prefer to us the name DAF. DAF is the name of the company which makes the trucks.