Commercial Motor - Highways England confirms M11 overtaking ban

21st November 2016

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An HGV overtaking 
ban on the M11 is still scheduled to be introduced this financial year, according to Highways England (HE).

The restriction will be in place on the 15-mile stretch between Stansted and Great Chesterford, between junctions eight and nine, and is expected to improve journey times by about three seconds.

HE said the ban is limited to uphill sections on the route and is designed to prevent congestion when HGVs overtake each other.

An HE spokeswoman said: “I can confirm that we are still intending to deliver the scheme this financial year and are progressing with the necessary statutory processes.”

Enforcement will be undertaken by the police, but it is expected that the restriction will be self-enforcing.

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john cochrane

about 3 years ago

this could be mandatory on all uphill section where the motorway only has two lanes ,or on dual ,carriageways,