FTA critical of mayor's move to make HGVs retrofit extra nearside cab windows

Originall reported by Commercial Motor on 22nd January 2016.

The FTA has criticised a TfL consultation launched on 22nd January that proposes HGVs entering the London should be retrofitted with additional nearside window panels in the cab’s door at the cost of the haulier (estimated cost of each wondow to be between £1000 and £1500 per vehicle).

"The danger caused by HGVs to other road users is unacceptable and we have to reduce it. With the launch last year of my Safer Lorry Scheme, we have already made real progress.” said Mayor of London, Borris Johnson

“The cost per lorry is modest. The benefit to Londoners' safety will be significant,” he added

The FTA has calculated that the estimated cost to UK hauliers wishing to work in the capital could acutally be £280m, leading to questions whether or not this would be the best use of such a huge investment in safety.

“Side panel have limitations – for example, if the vehicle is carrying a second crew member or equipment then the view may be obscured,” said FTA head of national & regional policy, Christopher Snelling, adding there was no clear evidence that the windows were the best way to achieve TfL's goal of reducing accidents.

Many operators have already eliminated potwntial blind spot when traveling to London by adapting their vehicles to include extra mirrors, cameras and sensors.
TfL’s consultation asks Londoners whether they support the proposal in principle and if it should be enforced through an extension to the Safer Lorry Scheme or higher charges for non-compliant lorries under the Congestion Charge or Low Emission Zone regulations. It also asks whether the restrictions should be full-time, part-time or route-specific. 

The public consultation runs until 4 March and TfL said there would be further public and stakeholder consultation before any decision on implementation is made, and time for operators to make the necessary changes to their lorries.


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